Monday, April 12, 2010

android emulator的cpu

不知道中間Dave Buther講的這段話
On the emulator I suspect it is being (correctly) treated as an
UNDEFINED instruction (the emulator is running as an ARM926 I
believe), under user-mode on an ARM1176 or an ARMv7-a processor it
will still be treated as an UNDEFINED
while in user mode. 


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wayne said...

ARM9 CPU 有以下幾個 mode
User mode,
System mode,
SVC mode,
Abort mode,
Undefined mode,
IRQ mode,
FIQ mode.
在ARM9 CPU user mode下不能操作一些CPU指令。
另外,在模擬器上,少用的ARM9CPU指令,模擬器有可能偷懶不模擬。如文章猜測是 UNDEFINED instruction。